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The Ecology of Sumatra

Sumatra is the focus of large number of agricultural, social and industrial development and yet the possible biological impactsof these are largely only guessed at by local and foreign scientist working on those projects. One reason for this is that the biology of Sumatra and its surroundingislands is poorly known. Another reason in thatthe information which does exist is spread through a disparate array of Dutch, English, German and Indonesian journals and reports. rnrnThe Ecology of Sumatra has brought together nearly 1500 references relevant to understanding component and functioning of the wide range of natural and man-made ecosystems on Sumatra. It was originally written in 1983 by a team at the Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies (CRES) at the University of North Sumatra, and the team members have conducted field work throughout Sumatrato suplement existing information. This new version includes a commentary on the last 17 years of development on Sumatra, as well as an additional bibliography on recent publications.rnrnIt is hoped that The Ecology of Sumatra will prove useful to resource managers, ecologist, environmental scientist and local goverment personel, nd be enlightening to Sumatra's inhabitants and visitors.


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